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It is a known fact that pipes and drains block, not necessarily due to fault, although grease, fat and items such as cleaning wipes and cosmetic goods play a part.

Sometimes a pipe will be damaged or have expired and is no longer usable- though most of the time clearance or drain unblocking will solve the problem.

Specialist Drain Clearing Services

Here are a couple of methods we use to clear drains and pipework:

High Pressure Water Jetting: This is the process of using water propelled at a high velocity to clean surfaces and materials throughout a pipeline.

This is especially effective with drain clearance as it softens or emulsifies blockages, restoring the flow of water once again.

Electro Mechanical Cleaning (EMC): This is the process of using an electric motor to rotate a cable or spring. The cable is fed into the pipe and rotated to clear any blockages. Any blockages are simply removed by the tool and flushed away naturally like any other waste.

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Our engineers will attend the site and assess the problem for you; this ensures we cater our services to best meet your needs. Once this has been completed, we will then create a personalised quote based on the extent of the problem, saving both time and money in the long run.

Our workers all receive rigorous training and complete several qualifications, ensuring the work we carry out is safe and efficient.

Most Drains can be cleared in the first hour

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